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Persimmon Ridge
202 N. Grant St
PO Box 495
Cloverdale, IN
For the Birds Collection
The Garden Pavilions that we have designed and crafted are a focal point to any garden. They are rustic but elegant. Each pavilion is hand-crafted using the same materials and craftsmanship that we use when building our fine furniture. Birds and other wild life love coming to our garden pavilions especially in wet weather. The largeness of the feeders allows for lots of unobstructed viewing of all of your "guests" 

 The Woodland Village Collection is part of our hand-crafted and artist painted wild bird feeders. Each feeder is crafted, embellished and painted individually for the person that  has purchased it, Many that I do have been purchased as a special gift  to be given to a special  person for a special occasion.
I am happy to personalize it in most ant manner you wish.
Each is signed and dated.  

When we go to shows and have any Cabin Feeders with us the first thing that people say to us is "Oh, I want to live in that! Can you make it life size...please!" They do look so real and inviting and I am very proud of them. Most of the ones that we have sold never get filled with bird seed. Instead they end up on the porch or inside near the fireplace. Every "Cabin Feeder" we make is hand-crafted, hand embellished and signed & dated.
Our wild bird feeders are simply awesome!
Many are works of art....some are whimsical
.....some are plain. But,all are crafted using  quality cedar wood with exceptional traditional craftsmanship.

From the first rough sketch to the completed feeder we we strive to craft a feeder that is perfect for the wild life's needs and also be a cherished focal point  of your garden.

We guarantee you will love them!

Persimmon Ridge crafts wild bird feeders using the same care, materials and methods that is used when we build our fine furniture. You will not find better quality feeders any where. They are always a beautiful focal point in any garden.
​We offer small feeders that hang, feeders the screw into large trees and feeders that come with 4 x 4 adapters.

The Country Village is part of our handcrafted, artist painted Collection of wild bird feeders.
The Country Village has some really awesome favorite is the Red School House I designed.  Most of my customers lean towards The Yellow Farmhouse. I plan to add a Country Store soon,,,every village needs a store right???
I am happy to personalize any of these for you so that they make a special gift for that special person!
We have been designers and hand-craters of wild life buildings for many years and , we have found that  one of the most controversial creatures on this earth is the squirrel !
People either simply love them or hate, hate,  them. We love them and so does our little Dachshund, Pixie. She will spend hours laying on a blanket in front of the French doors in the winter watching the squirrels scamper to our deck and eat  in our 
In the next several months we will  introduce some more designs for our fellow squirrel lovers!