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Persimmon Ridge Rustic
Persimmon Ridge
PO Box 495
Cloverdale, IN
We are very happy that you are visiting our site and really hope that you will enjoy our hand-crafted  collections of

Primitive  Country Furniture
Cabin Rustic Furniture
Carved Weathervanes
Wild Bird Feeders
and, bits and pieces of other stuff!

Our online store is always open for you
so please, enjoy your visit !

Blessings & Peace




​Thank you for visiting Persimmon Ridge
Most likely you are either a potential customer or a returning customer. Either way, we want you to know we appreciate you and the time you spend with us. We will never take your wishes or expectations for granted. We are fully aware that without your support and faith in our craftsmanship abilities there would be no Persimmon Ridge.

All of our items are either designed by us or adapted from historical  antique pieces by us. We are not a factory, we are a family owned three person, professional woodworking studio. All of our furniture is hand crafted using local hardwoods or vintage wood. Most every thing  in our Wild Bird Collections are  hand crafted using high quality  cedar wood.

Most  pieces you will see on this site are crafted to order thus allowing us to make certain customer requested modifications. All you have to do is contact us by phone or email to share your ideas and     needs with us and we will do our best to craft      the very piece you have envisioned. We also welcome custom  orders.

              Again, thank you for your visit!

                                      Blessings & Peace

What Can One Hand-Craft Using A Broken Antique Mirror and Birch Branches ?